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Aromatherapy Consultation & Customization

Aromatherapy Consultation & Customization


Private consultation that will include an emotional and muscle test assessment that will help determine which custom essential oils and bach flower essences will support your self healing.

  • Before purchase, please take a moment to read all informational tabs provided on this product. 


    Once completed, please register for my services by filling out the brief Information Form provided to my clients, on my website.

    • If you have already filled out the form, please move forward with the next steps of your purchase. 

    • If you have not, to find the form, search under the Services Menu Tab and click on Information Form. Once the form is finished, you may then continue on to the final steps to complete your purchase. 



    With the Information Form completed, a notification will be sent to Quita. Within 48 hours, she will reach out to you personally, with more information in regards to your recent purchase. After you receive Quita’s initial email, together you will work to set up a date, time, and place for your service. 




    During the Checkout process, please be mindful of Conscious Healing’s various Shipping Options. It is crucial that you, as the client, take note of the service or product you are purchasing so that Quita can request the correct amount due.


    If you need help in deciding which Shipping Option to select at Checkout or would like more information on the options, please see my Shipping Option to Select tab below.





    If you have any questions that pertain to an item, a service, or the purchasing and booking process, please reach out to Quita under the Contact Menu Tab.

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