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It's Time to Discover

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My Mission

Your landing here is not a mistake...With so much happening this past year, many of us are feeling worn out and ready for a change. Are you tired of experiencing the same life cycles of drama, trauma, and feeling disempowered?

                                                                         With so much happening the last two years, many of us are feeling worn out and ready for a change. Are you tired of experiencing the same life cycles of drama, trauma, and feeling disempowered?

My mission is to help you to heal, discover who you are at a core level, and help you to transform into the person that you really want to be! However, it takes effort. Your conscious effort, to take the time and do the work with and for yourself. I am here to guide you, coach you and help you become more aware of who you are. I do not heal people. People heal themselves because they are ready to heal. I simply guide them.

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But who am I?

I have worked with families and children as an educator and a counselor for 15 years. I have my Masters Degree in Educational Counseling and am a Certified Creative Depth Coach utilizing art and narrative therapy in my sessions.  I coach women and children utilizing art and art-making to get to the root of their stuck feelings and emotions. I help my clients to identify areas that need healing and balance, active change and direction, and then provide them with clarity and coach them through active change and visioning to become a better version of themselves.

My approach to mental health and well-being is holistic. We are all energy. Everything is energy. I believe that in order to heal the body we have to heal the mind and the emotions first. I support my clients by using "frequency tools" such as custom blended Aromatherapy, Reiki energy healing and a frequency device called "Healy".


What is Depth Coaching?

Depth coaching utilizes art therapy but goes deeper by getting to the root of feelings and emotions. I help people identify what needs healing, balance, activate change, direction, and clarity by guiding them through creative art- making and narrative therapy.

Creating art is a means of communication and moving stuck energy. It is an intuitive way to explore thoughts and emotions. The process involves paint, markers, images, journals, textiles. Anything that will help a child or adult express what they are feeling at a given time. You do not need to be an artist or even a “creative type” to do this work.

My services will help women and children to heal, develop emotional literacy and discover who they are at a core level. With creative art-making, aromatherapy and energy healing, I help each individual to change direction and transform into the person that they really want to be.

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What is Conscious Healing?

Conscious Healing is a choice and a decision to heal any aspect of yourself that has never been healed. When we continue to experience pain and recurring emotional cycles we are in the middle of patterns and behaviors that have been established since childhood and possibly from our ancestral DNA. This is an opportunity for you to identify parts-of-self, awaken to your consciousness, increase your emotional intelligence, and connect with your sacred power to heal and align with the best version of yourself.

My desire is for you to discover who you are at a soul level, and to heal through the use of images and creative art-work, coaching with aromatherapy and flower essences, and healing your energetic body with Reiki.

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Certifications & Badges

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