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My Mission

Your landing here is not a mistake...

                                                  I'm passionate about helping women. Women like you who have experienced major changes in your life. Events like divorce, a career change, an empty nest and so much more. Women who have experienced a loss of some kind, a loss that defined who they were. Are you in transition? Do you feel like the old you is wanting to "die" so that the new you can rebirth a better and brighter version of yourself?

My mission is to help you to heal, guide you to discover who you are at a core level, and coach you through transformation and become person that you really want to be!  

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Depth work utilizes art and narrative therapies to access the subconsious where the root of feelings and emotions truly live. Creating art is a means of communication and moving stuck energy. It is an intuitive way to explore thoughts and emotions. The process involves paint, markers, images, journals, and textiles. Creating art and story-telling help a person express what they are intuitively feeling at any given moment. You do not need to be an artist or even a “creative type” to do this work.

I help women identify what needs healing and balance to activate change and direction, then give them clarity by guiding them through the art-making and re-storying processes.

With art-making, and energy healing, I guide each individual to heal old emotional wounds, accept change, expand into a new version of themselves and coach them in the direction that they really want to be.


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1:1 Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions that blend the application of various coaching methods, healing modalities, and transformative art practices to ignite an exploration into your healing journey and expansion.

 If you are ready to schedule a FREE Clarity Call please go to


I will work with you on a weekly or monthly basis (by Zoom or in-person) to guide you through the creative coaching process. There are many opportunities to break old patterns and heal emotional wounds through creative art-making and narrative therapy. This is an 8 week commitment for private coaching and emotional support. You will receive two additional texts or e-mails for encouragement and an additional 30 minute check-in to see how you are doing with the practical tools.

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1:1 Depth Coaching for Women

What is Depth Work?

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