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Awaken your Consciousness

through my various offerings

Creative Depth Coaching

“Nothing and no one can heal you. You are the source of your own healing.”

- Candyce VanDell

Have you ever felt like people do not understand you, or that you are different somehow? Do you have emotional wounding from childhood, or have you ever wanted to explore who you really are? Do you have difficulty talking about your feelings and simply tend to shy away from people all together?

Most of us at some point or another have experienced emotional wounding in our lives. The question is have you dealt with it? Emotional wounding when not healed, can become coping mechanisms, false identities, and survival skills to deal with our relationships. Most of the time people forget who they are authentically in order to please a parent or a spouse. Authentic identities and personal dreams tend to get lost in the desire to please others.

Emotional healing is also spiritual healing on many levels. Spiritual healing requires us to go “in”.  By healing one part of yourself other aspects of you get healed too.

On the other spectrum, are you feeling a little lost, uncertain about your identity and who you really are at a core level? Are you wanting to explore the depths of your being to become the best and highest version of yourself?

As a Creative Depth Coach, I guide people through the creative process of art-making and storytelling in order to heal emotional wounds. There are many opportunities to find emotional patterns and behavioral cycles through creative depth work. It is an exploration of your own soul to find parts of yourself, your archetypes, and relational agreements you have made in this lifetime. The purpose of the sessions I offer is to help you find and honor all dis-owned, neglected, challenging and brilliant parts of yourself in order to live to your highest potential.

Are you interested in Exploring Your Soul and Diving into the Creative Process?

Learn more about my Creative Depth Coaching Options and Offerings below. 

Creative Depth Coaching

Reiki Energy Healing

The spiritual healing art of Reiki works by channeling positive energy to the body.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that uses life force energy to heal the body by balancing subtle energies. It addresses the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances that one might have. Reiki is not limited to physical limitations because energy has no physical limitation.

Reiki is a safe, natural and holistic modality that can be used in person or at a distance. Reiki Masters have a thorough understanding of the body's energetic system and its polarities to facilitate balancing the whole system. Reiki Masters can provide healing to anyone, no matter where they are physically.

All clients, past and present, have reported reduced stress, anxiety, and levels of pain after one session. Clients usually feel calmer and yet energized after their sessions. Children with high sensitivities, anxiety, and attention issues are particularly responsive to Reiki.

Are you interested in Receiving a Positive Energy Experience?

Learn more about my Reiki Energy Healing Options and Offerings below.

Reiki Energy Healing
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