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Group Soul Exploration

Women’s circles are informal gatherings in the interest of sharing energy, bonding and creating ritual. From ancient times, women have come together in circles to create a sense of healing and wholeness.  Whatever work needs to be done it can be done in the loving embrace of sisters.

Women working in groups or (circles) can offer healing from self-judgement, limiting beliefs and grow in self-love. We will use Journey Circles TM, Moon Circles TM, and Spectrum Cards to facilitate the creative process along with story-telling to guide us on our own mythic journeys.

This is a 12 week commitment which involves a short meditation to begin each class and then creative depth coaching to start the group on the month’s soul exploration. Two additional coaching calls will be provided for each individual to help direct your path of self discovery

$175.00 per month or $630.00 full payment

Coaching Materials Include:

Journey Circles TM, Moon Circles TM, Spectrum Cards, Transformation Cards (from Journey Path Institute)

Additional Materials Fee: $25.00

Before visiting my store, please take a moment to register for 1:1 Coaching by filling out my Coaching Information Form

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