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emotional healing through essential oils and flower essences

Aromatherapy Consultation & Customization

Private consultation that will include an emotional and muscle test assessment that will help determine which custom essential oils and bach flower essences will support your self healing.

Before visiting my store, please take a moment to register for the Aromatherapy Consultation & Customization session by filling out my brief Services Information Form.


1:1 Coaching with Aromatherapy

One to one coaching session that combines traditional coaching modalities with the application of your custom oil and flower essence blend, to aid in the development of emotional healing and personal practice.

Before visiting my store, please take a moment to register for the Aromatherapy 1:1 Coaching sessions by filling out my brief Services Information Form.

$55.00 for 45 minutes

for Children Under 18

$75.00 for 60 minutes

for Women

Essential Oil Sprays

Choose from one of my four featured essential oil sprays, that contain a custom blend of essential oils and flower essences to fit specific needs.


Before visiting my store, please take a moment to fill out my brief Services Information Form. This form will allow me to contact you with more information in regards to your Aromatherapy Essential Oil Sprays. 

$16.00 for 1.5 oz spray

Calming & Soothing Spray

Dealing with Grief Spray

Focus Spray

Shield Plus Spray

Client Testimonials

" In June 2020 this year I woke up to a perfect storm: lost my job due to covid-19, personal family issues, home issues and just pain in my chest, arm etc. I know myself well and I KNEW it was due to stress and I had to get this under control quick. I also knew if I had gone to an ER lots of tests would have been done and would have come back negative. I prayed and then it was like, “call Quita!”. Quita made an appointment for me immediately. She used essential oils to calm my stressed out nerves and then did an hour and a half Reiki session with me. When she was done the stress and pain were all gone! I got up with more energy than I had had in weeks. Hard to explain but it worked and I haven’t had any pain since then. Quita recommended herbs to use as supplements and then a customized spray called “PEACE” that I could use if I started to get stressed again. I would recommend Quita and her expertise to all. Energy Alignments are very important in this day and age. "

- E.Embry

" My 15-year-old daughter and I have always been drawn to specific essential oils and we never knew why. We thought it was just that we liked the smell of them. On a visit to Kanti Wellness Center with Quita, we tried what she referred to as the muscle test to determine the essential oils our bodies really needed.  This “test” is where you hold the essential oil in your hands and place it above your navel and ask your body, “do I need this (insert name of oil here)”, then your body will respond by moving you forward or in a backward direction depending upon whether or not you need the oils. Frontward lean means “yes”, your body needs this oil, backward lean means “no” your body doesn’t need this oil. It was interesting and very telling, it explained why my daughter and I are drawn to certain oils over others, our olfactory senses were telling us all along what the muscle test confirmed; We are drawn to these oils because our body could use them. It was amazing and if you are drawn to essential oils, I recommend visiting Quita to try the muscle test for yourself. "

- T. Hamilton

" After almost two months of suffering Quita helped us heal with her Essential Oils in less than three days!  I am a firm believer in the ancient method of natural healing, and that is what you will find with Quita and her knowledge of essential oils. "

- B. Conn

" In the winter of 2019, my husband, daughter and I were suffering terribly from chronic cough and sinus problems. Both of us had already been on a round of antibiotics and I was headed for a second round. We were miserable. Quita came right over to our house when she heard how much we were struggling to get better. "

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