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Meet Quita:

As a Counselor and Certified Depth Coach, I guide people through the creative process of art-making and storytelling in order to heal emotional wounds and to break negative life cycles. The purpose of these sessions is to find all dis-owned, neglected, challenging and brilliant parts of yourself in order to live your highest potential.

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Discover Conscious Healing

What Women Experience Working with me...

Before working with me many of my clients had lost something that defined them, whether it was a person, a role in their lives, or a career that made them who they were.

Many were giving up on relationships, but what they learned working with me  is that they had given up mostly on the relationship with themselves.

Women working with me feel:

  • Safe so they can do the inner work and find true healing

  • More aware and connected to who they are at a soul level

  • Aligned and aware of their pure potential

  • Whole, confident and energized to live their own destiny.

My services help women heal, develop emotional balance, and discover who they are at a core level. With creative art-making and energy healing, I help each individual to change direction, expand and transform into the person that they really want to be.

Art as Process is a term  which refers to honoring art-making that is designed to express feelings, sensations, ideas and experience. The act of making art in these ways offers connection and access to inner wisdom, often revealing deeply held information. 

Art-making and expressive arts create an energetic connection that can be embraced as a language of the soul, a reflection of the whole self. Thus, creating art is a means of communication with oneself. It is the intuitive way to explore thoughts and emotions that we are typically unaware of. Creating art serves as a guide, the engagement is a process of discovery offered through obvious or subtle awareness  that includes noticing, exploration, trust in self, experimentation and honoring the process over product.

Creating art, making marks, image play, and molding clay are other ways  to move stuck energy.


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Art as Process...

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Contact Information

Quita Rose In-Person

501 E. Park Place

Jeffersonville, IN 47130

(502) 977-2374

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